Time Management FAIL

I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger this morning. While deftly juggling a stack of work and fending off the paparazzi, I still managed to find time to doodle during a snoozer of a phone call. I colored one of my prolific doodles using a pink pen, which I promptly misplaced. Instead of moving on to other tasks, I spent a half an hour looking for The Pink Doodle Pen. Meanwhile on my desk sat 10 or 20 other pens I could’ve used but NO, I had to locate the missing one. This little snap-shot of my life showcases one of my many neurosis. Obsess much? As my friend Patty from Mexico used to say, “I have the problems.”

In other news, I created a new playlist, chockablock full of booty-shakin’ goodness. Please click here to enjoy it (sorry, can’t embed.)


2 Responses to “Time Management FAIL”

  1. lydia Says:

    I love your playlists! Thanks for that. 🙂

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    You should post images of your doodles, as a gallery of Mymsie’s Art, and allow people to order things with your doodles printed on them. Like stationary, t-shirts, thongs. You could bring in a little extra cash to fund the therapy you are going to need to deal with your “the problems”.

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