The Look

Parents, teachers, gather ’round! Let us join together and laugh mockingly at the well-honed looks of terror we dole out to keep our charges in check. Many of us first saw these frowns as children when we found ourselves elbow-deep in mischief. Our elders need only give a single, withering glance and we knew to shape up, lest we be sold to the next traveling circus that passed through town. I can clearly recall whispering with my friend Angie during the sermon in church one Sunday only to look up and catch such a glare delivered stealthily by my Mom from the choir loft.

I was reminded of the power of The Look when I was forced to use it this weekend. I taught a Photoshop Elements workshop on Saturday and one participant was particularly disruptive. I’ve learned from experience that when all else fails, swift delivery of The Look (held for several uncomfortable seconds) always takes care of the problem.

I thought I’d document my look for you:

The Look

Funny, that face feels more stern than it looks. I might be mistaken for a mathematician working on a particularly difficult word problem rather than a frustrated teacher at the end of her tether. Still it has the necessary effect because the indolent blabbermouth stopped her nonsense immediately.

And now I challenge you to capture your look and share it with the blogosphere. Come on, it’ll be fun!


7 Responses to “The Look”

  1. Amy Says:

    haha… my mom took a picture of me giving The Look and put it on the fridge many years ago. I wonder if I have a copy of it…

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    Your look makes me think that you are saying “Oh Snap Girlfriend, oh no you didn’t!”

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    What other captions can we add for this picture? “At 5:08pm – the victim was rendered immobile when a piece of politial junkmail was lodged into her head.”

  4. SweetBasta Says:

    “Staring Contest . . . And . . . GO!”

  5. a.k.a. Matthew Says:

    The only thing that could intensify that look would a couple coats of a glaring red lipstick. Cruella!!

  6. Kriss Says:

    Sorry you had a poohead in your class. So rude!

  7. westwardbound Says:

    Yeah, you’re looking pretty Pissed Off in this one. I’m assuming it worked…with the kid who was PAYING to be there. Idiots.

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