One day last week, my boss’s boss darted into my office and made room for my boss, who was right behind him holding some papers. My heart sank, certain I was being fired. I remembered something Lean had told me recently. Apparently Suze Orman recommends you have 8 months of living expenses saved up in case you lose your job, which while perfectly practical is also infuriatingly unrealistic for the average person. I must’ve looked terrified because my boss said, “There’s nothing wrong. It’s good news.” He proceeded to give me an award and a $100 gift card for all my hard work building the new Web site! His boss wanted to thank me too and told me my boss had gone out of his way to make sure I was recognized. Wowsers – isn’t that wonderful?¬† I was super chuffed but promptly deflated moments later when with one rogue bit of code, I broke the checkout page on our Web site. Good thing I’d already gotten the gift card!

Remember Alfred of Facebook fame? I taught a class with him this week and he apologized for his hijinks. (I ended up leaving a sarky, there’s-truth-in-jest comment on his Facebook page.) He also declared that karma got the best of him because someone hit his brand new car a few days after he bought it. Poor Alfy.

And finally, Indiana residents be afraid for this man is employed by your state government:

Hammy Toe lookin' sexy


4 Responses to “Phew”

  1. tmc Says:

    wow! Congratulations!!

  2. westwardbound Says:


  3. SweetBasta Says:

    What store was the gift card for?

    The Hover round Scooter Accessory store?
    Laser Hair Removal Associates?
    Gunz r Us?
    RJ’s Army Surplus Warehouse?
    Poke n’ Ink – Tattoo and Piercing parlor?
    Menudo Kitchen?
    CVS – for Snacks and Magazines?
    Hummscalade Poster Mart?

    If it is one of those then I am sure you will enjoy it. Congrats!

    I think that picture is of Burt – the State of Indiana Porn-Czar!

  4. Kriss Says:

    Congrats! Didja blow your gift card on something frivolous?

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