Captain Abby

First off, can we talk about how adorable my pupper is? I know I’m biased but how can you not love this sweet face?

Abby on a pontoon boat

A friend snapped this pic a few weekends ago during our day on a pontoon boat. While we were docked, Abbs was a bit nervous and pace-y but once we got going, she seemed to LOVE it.

Now on to more pressing topics, like previews for horror movies. Have you noticed that they seem to be getting more and more frightening? I’ve seen several recently that have frankly scared the shiz-nit out of me. (I’m looking at YOU Orphan and Shutter Island.) I think we’ve crossed a line. I can’t make it through these things without nervously patting the Klonopin I keep in my purse for emergencies!

I know I’m a little late on this but I’m completely in love with Mad Men. I’ve seen all of the first season and am buying the second season when it comes out tomorrow, hoping to be caught up in time for the start of season 3 in August. This show is FABULOUS – the writing, the commentary on gender roles, the clothes, delicious Don Draper and curvy Joan Holloway, dripping with feminine wiles and drunk with the power of her sexuality? It’s without a doubt my new favorite TV show. Next up I’ll be watching another series I’m late getting into – The Waltons.


4 Responses to “Captain Abby”

  1. pickles & dimes Says:

    What a sweet pup! I love her!

    You’re right, horror movie previews are OFF THE CHAIN (like the youngsters are saying). I myself can’t stand seeing people/animals/things from Hell with their heads on upside down skittering across the ceiling. Gahhhh.

  2. Brandeye Says:

    Totally adorable! And i love mad men too.

  3. westwardbound Says:

    Mad Men is superb!

  4. Kriss Says:

    Abbs is such a marshmallow – she’s just so lovable!

    I can’t do horror movies. Last one I saw in the theater was Blair Witch Project, and I didn’t sleep for days afterwards. I find the Saw series revolting. And movies like Last House on the Left and The Strangers are far too close to reality for me. I’ll live in my world of sugar-coated lollipops and rainbows and unicorns, thankyouverymuch.

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