Don’t Tell

Come closer Internets, for I’m about to divulge a secret. I’m ashamed to say this but I haven’t finished unpacking yet…and I moved in March…like FOUR MONTHS ago. I realize there’s no reason I couldn’t have unpacked a 1-bedroom apartment by now but I just get so overwhelmed in these situations. There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to begin and I quickly want to bury my head in the sand and pretend it’s not my problem. It’s just part of my sparkling (?)  personality that I’m a micro, detail-oriented person and while that can be a good thing, in cases like this it’s to my detriment. I can’t see the forest for the 75 variants of moss and fungi, NOT TO SPEAK OF THE TREES AND EVERY LEAF ON THEM. The only way I can get through things like this is by making small goals and being held accountable. Tonight I plan to get over myself and unpack 3 boxes. If I know the Internets are monitoring me, I’m more likely to get it in gear so please don’t let me slack!

When Moxy and I went to Chicago a few weeks ago, while waiting in traffic we discovered THE BEST radio station – 100.3 WILV. It’s the kind likely to promise “good times and great oldies!” They play all the best songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and every one is a walk down memory lane. You can listen online for free. It’s gotten me through some dreary afternoons lately. What happened to the effusive, maudlin drama of fist-clenching hits like, “Shot through the heart and you’re to blame. You give love a bad name!” Nowadays it’s more like, “Hit me up, or not. Whatever playa!”

In closing, I need you to know that the next two weeks are going to be insanely busy. There’s a perfect storm of work and freelance due dates forming in the Gulf of Ruh Roh so I plan to mainline coffee and make peace with the Abby-fur tumbleweeds on the living room carpet. I may also finally try out that meditation CD I bought. I weathered some bad news recently with relaxing baths courtesy of the Berrylicious Smoothie I got at Ulta. It’s so creamy and delicious-smelling and works great as bubble bath or shampoo. How do you get through busy stretches?

4 Responses to “Don’t Tell”

  1. Amy Says:

    I heard “Who’s Johnny” at the blood drive this a.m. and wasn’t sure that would qualify as a good old song. Once a decade is fine to hear it. I do remember lying on the floor listening to the radio back in the day, waiting for it to maybe come on, and hitting record as soon as it did. Then I’d pray the DJ wouldn’t talk over it and my fingers would hover on the stop button so I could turn it off at just the right moment.

    I just freak out and cry if I get too busy. Right before that happens I stay up too late doing all the work, manage to pull it off, and walk around with bags under my eyes. At least the dogs make good companions, camping out while I work, like my support group or something.

  2. Kris Says:

    Mymsie May Floofenheimer! Don’t feel too guilty. We moved in almost 2 years ago, and I still have boxes of stuff to unpack. I actually love moving (Dave thinks there are old gypsies in my blood). Gives me a chance to purge all my old stuff & reorganize kitchen cabinets.

    How come you’re so secretive of late? I worry when you hint of bad news. 😦

    I’m a list-maker, which usually guides me through the busy days. Well, that and meltdowns and stress eating Papa Murphy’s!

  3. tmc Says:

    Don’t feel bad about not unpacking! I just recently unpacked and washed a crate full of dirty dishes that I’d had from when we moved over a year and a half ago! Yuck.

  4. Amelia Says:

    We didn’t finish unpacking and get our house in order till the end of my pregnancy. Which would be almost a year after we moved. :p And now that baby is attached to me almost all the time (but not right now! she’s sleeping in her bouncy seat!), the laundry doesn’t get folded. Ever. There are five(?) loads on the armchair. :p And don’t get me started about the mess I cleaned up in the kitchen last night….

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