Black Conceals, White Reveals

What better way to ingratiate myself to my one reader than by opening with a Photoshop axiom! Aren’t you glad you stopped by? I’ve been completely off the blogging radar lately, due to life’s winding path but I’m ready to jump back in bullet style!

  • I made the mistake of wearing silky under-things and a silky skirt one day this week and basically mooned my boss and his boss, after which I prayed for the earth to swallow me in a swift gulp followed by a satisfied belch.
  • I’ve been having this granola for breakfast and I love it. (I use sugar-free honey instead of agave nectar.) It’s YUMMY and carries me through the whole morning.
  • How can it possibly be October already?
  • I triumphantly unpacked my last box a few weeks ago. Naturally, it contained something I’ve needed for months. Next up is hanging all my pictures and arranging knickknacks. (He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to elicit help from Don Kramer. He has a good eye!)
  • Last weekend I had to pay A LOT for new tires and while I’m grateful I could afford them, man it sucks to blow money on something so utterly forgettable and utilitarian.
  • The girls and I went to a birthday party recently for someone in her late 20s. We had a good time but by nine were yawning and ready to head home while the 20-somethings were just getting revved up to party. On the walk back to the car, all we could hear were crickets and the sounds of our joints creaking.
  • Please enjoy some fall inspiration:

Fall faves


3 Responses to “Black Conceals, White Reveals”

  1. A-Frame Says:

    Consider me autumnally inspired. Sorry I bagged out on you this week. More over email. Smoooooches!

  2. A-Frame Says:

    Off topic: That other AT memoir I mentioned is “Walking Home: A Woman’s Pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail,” by Kelly Winters. I’d be interested to hear what you think of it alongside Bryson. Very different books!

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Mmmmmm. . . Granola covered in bee hurlins!

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