“All Mixed Up, Don’t Know What To Do”

I am a tangled mess of emotions à la Ron Burgundy in Anchorman.  (“I’m in a glass case of emotion!”) My brain is a’swirl with a load of crap and I can’t seem to right myself to accomplish a damn thing. In lieu of a tantalizing narrative hook, I’m going to try and focus on something I’m really grateful for.

I wrote that opener yesterday, but never got around to finishing my post. Thankfully today I’m feeling much better* but still want to shamelessly dote a moment, if you’ll indulge me. The subjects of my adoration are my incandescent friends. The last several weeks have been stressful (mostly good stuff but difficult nonetheless) and truly, the only reason I’ve survived without more pharmaceutical intervention is because of my incredible wealth of amazing friends. They’ve all been so supportive and time and again, have managed to catch me right before I hit the ground. Cases in point?

  • Due to a self-indulgent combination of ennui and frustration, I was seriously considering stopping blogging when out of the blue, I got two comments from strangers who said lovely things about my writing.
  • After a long, nerve-wracking day, I checked my mail and found an unexpected, no-special-occasion-just-out-of-the-kindness-of-her-heart card from my sweet friend JayDub and tucked inside was a gift card for Jo-Ann fabric store. (MANNA!)
  • After a bit of blubbering Sunday night, Lean and Moxy comforted me and then jumped in and tackled some projects I’d been avoiding. Moxy re-potted my sad, little $1.50 Ikea plant and Lean put together this laundry cart using instructions I found so confusing, they may as well have been in a language not yet invented due to its otherworldly complexity. And then yesterday, via phone calls and IMs, they talked me through a difficult situation and checked on me and put aside stuff to make sure I was OK. I’m tearing up just thinking about it – the sisterhood was in effect!
  • B, who is typically not one to emote, completely drilled to my core and helped me figure out some major career stuff that needs immediate intervention. But he did it in such a loving way and just called to invite me to Chicago for the weekend for more brain-storming and camaraderie.

Can you even believe how blessed I am?? It really is an embarrassment of riches and I couldn’t be more humbled and indebted and thankful.

“I’d like to teach the world to sing…”

Just kidding. 😉

*I need to remember this because it speaks to how fleeting emotions can be, like passing storms.


2 Responses to ““All Mixed Up, Don’t Know What To Do””

  1. Amy Says:

    Hang in there! I can’t decide if my blogging has slowed because I’m more content than before (not enough to complain about) or because I got boring/not inspired enough with life. I’m with you on the complicated-but-mostly-good stuff going on. I could do w/o the crazy dreams of my house burning down around me and sinking in a retention pond in my Jetta, though!

  2. Marta Says:

    Please, please, PLEASE don’t stop blogging! My own blog is all but non-existent these days since my second child was born, but I am spending a lot of time in the glider right next to my desk and just using the mouse to wander around the internet while my baby sleeps in my arms. I have always found your blog to be incredibly entertaining and well-written but right now it is a lifeline for me. I don’t even remember how I first came across your blog but I’ve been loving it for a couple of years now. Sometimes I will even call my sister and read her an entry rather than just sending her a link because it’s just too darn funny to risk ending up in the link graveyard in my sister’s inbox. If you suddenly stopped writing, I would be devastated!

    Just so you know. :o)

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