Who’d a Thunk It?

A very valuable piece of wisdom was imparted to me recently. Apparently you can’t hate/berate/belittle yourself into doing something. It just won’t work. Can you believe that? For 33 years I’ve been using this absurd technique. So, for example, mentally assailing myself for not posting more often is not going to make me post more often. It’s just going to make me feel like crap. I’m telling you, this information could change my life. I understand the concepts of positive reinforcement and being kind to yourself but had never pondered these notions in this way. Let’s all make a concerted effort to treat ourselves as kindly as we would our friends and loved ones. Report back with your hopefully fantastic results!

I made a new mix. Click here to enjoy!

And now I shall close with 2 deep thoughts:

  1. Does Madonna’s daughter Lourdes have a British accent?
  2. Where the hell are my brown dress pants? I haven’t seen them for weeks and I’ve done laundry so I know they’re not in the washer or dryer. Did you take them? If so, please return them! They’re crucial to my fall work wardrobe.

8 Responses to “Who’d a Thunk It?”

  1. sassybug Says:

    Thanks for the advice, although I constantly nag myself I am not sure I can stop.

    If you find your brown pants, ask them if they know where my yellow and brown shirt is, it too has run away!

  2. westwardbound Says:

    New mix. Woot!

    I took your brown pants because gray is the new shade this season. ;P

  3. Amy Says:

    Stuck in the laundry chute? We lost pants for months in that thing when we were kids. They would snag something and hang in the chute until one day dislodged by some other item of clothing (or whatever toys we threw down there)

  4. tmc Says:

    1. I think Lourdes has a bit of an accent, but only on certain words.

    2. I didn’t take your slacks. Check the shirts hanging in the closet. The slacks might be hiding on the hanger under the shirt. Or maybe they got up and walked away on their own. I dunno.

  5. Kris Says:

    If Lourdes has an accent, I hope it’s genuine. I hated it when Madonna tried to fake an English accent – she sounded gawdawful.

    I admit it. I stole your brown pants. They look fantastic with my cream sweater and leather boots! 😉

    I love your mix tapes … that Weezer song keeps playing in my head.

  6. Moose Says:

    Why is this SO HARD TO REMEMBER? WHY? Good for you for writing it down in easily searchable form.

  7. SweetBasta Says:

    I am pretty sure that Lourdes took your brown pants and is mocking you as only a Brit doing a southern accent can.

  8. SweetBasta Says:

    Like “Alright there Mymsie, but I’ve run about with your trousers, ya’ll”

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