That Girl

I was totally that girl at the movies last night, which seems to be my indubitable lot in life. Moxy and I went to see Bright Star, a lovely film about John Keats and his poor, forsaken love, Fanny Brawne. (For the record, I’m now in love with Ben Whishaw. That’s probably inappropriate since he’s 8 years my junior but a thing of beauty is a joy forever. HAHAHA! Get it? Because he played Keats. Is this thing on?) Anyway it all started right after the lights went down and I spilled Sprite Zero* down my cleavage and into my brassiere. The pants I was wearing didn’t have any pockets so my phone happened to be nestled in that cozy spot for safe keeping. I was worried the Sprite Zero might ruin it (as I’ve already had the misfortune of introducing liquid and a cell phone) so while I cleaned up, I put my phone on the arm rest next to me. A few minutes later, I accidentally knocked it off and heard the cringe-worthy clack of it landing in a mysterious cranny. I tried to find it but couldn’t in the dark and decided to look for it after the movie. Thankfully I’d already set it to vibrate and was hopeful I wouldn’t get any texts or calls. Naturally I got a call and a text but no one seemed to notice the brief, dull vibrating. That was until the end of the movie when Fanny learns of Keats’ untimely death and during a mournful walk, recites one of his most ardent, mellifluous poems. Throughout the entire recitation and credits (when Ben Whishaw recites another of Keats’ poems), my phone’s alarm buzzed angrily. I’d set it the day before and forgot about it. The ending was so poignant and stirring that no one dared even take a breath, which only served to magnify the obnoxious buzzing reminder that it was 2009 rather than 1821. Needless to say, my friend count was HIGH. THANK YOU, INDIANAPOLIS!!

*Before I went to the movie, I firmly decided I wouldn’t partake of any snackage but when I found out the concession stand had Sprite Zero, I was overtaken by the urge to nosh and ended up getting popcorn and a drink, which ultimately caused the above calamity. Another reason to avoid impulse eating!

P.S. I got a new digital camera last year at this time and now it seems the battery won’t re-charge. Is that even possible or does it indicate a problem with the camera?


2 Responses to “That Girl”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    So you were a wet fizzy buzzing disconnected power-drained friendless cougar? Your first line makes me think that you were going to become the character from the 60’s show starring Marlo Thomas, but it ends up being closer to what Bel Biv Devoe said “That girl is poison”.

  2. Kris Says:

    I dunno. I can’t even drive by a movie theater without wanting popcorn. I don’t have the strength to resist it while actually in the building.

    Have you tried a different battery in your camera? Did you buy it from a brick & mortar store? I wouldn’t think it’s the camera, but you never know with these touchy electronics.

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