Back in the Saddle…Sort of

Guess what? If you miss a few days of work and your antique laptop should suddenly die, so you are unable to go about your normal virtual activities, the Internet, much like Celine Dion’s heart, will go on without you. Can you believe that?? I don’t know exactly what I expected. Maybe some sort of Save Ferris-esque campaign and yet today when I logged on to my computer at work, once again connecting myself with the ether, there was no fanfare or confetti. Internet, didn’t you miss me at all?

I would love nothing more than to toss my laptop off the nearest overpass but it contains valuable photo documentation that despite my ignored, dusty resolution lists from the last few years, I did, in fact, exist and do some things and be with some people and stuff. I decided I’m willing to throw about $100 at this problem before declaring it’s the universe’s way of wiping my slate clean. Because of a litany of snooze-worthy dets, I’ve found the cheapest solution is to mail my laptop to my friend Lisa, who lives in Bloomington and works at the IU Library where it can be operated on for a minimal fee, since I work for the University. (You might think the same services would be offered on the Indianapolis campus too but you’d be wrong.) For tradsies I’m making Lisa a purse, which I hope will make up for the rigmarole.

That said, I’m back in the classroom this week for the first time in nearly 2 months so I won’t have time to even mail the damn thing until Thursday. That means I can expect at least another week until I resume my normal evening Internet activity, such as downloading pr0n and blogging.

What I’m saying is, things may be quiet around here for the next few days unless I go to the library, which I won’t because I’m a lazy sod. Thank you for your continued patience (and I’ll overlook those of you whom I saw pointing and laughing.)


One Response to “Back in the Saddle…Sort of”

  1. tmc Says:

    I was here with balloons and a party horn for when you came back to the ether but I must’ve got the date wrong. Sorry.

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