Bursting with Flavor

Grapefruit image courtesy of Muffet
http://www.flickr.com/photos/calliope/ / CC BY 2.0

I just ate a juicy pink grapefruit and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t delicious! While I regret the carbon emissions that facilitated such a luxury in the dead of an Indiana winter, I delighted in the fleeting moment I was transported to an island oasis, where a soft breeze feathered my hair and a buff Islander laughed at my TWSS jokes.

This morning while getting ready, I actually said out loud, “I’m too tired to put a bra on.”* It’s been a long week, culminating in the realization that I now have to wear my glasses to drive when it’s dark and rainy. Last night I nearly had 10 accidents on the way to an appointment, veering hither and yon into exits and onto curbs. Just before arousing too much suspicion, I remembered my glasses which seemed to help a little. Then I snapped, “I’m not driving in the dark in the rain ever again!” As I heard the words coming angrily out of my mouth, the inevitability of becoming just like my parents landed in my lap with a smug thud. Ahhh, adulthood!

In the interest in full disclosure, I need to address two rumors you may’ve read about in the press:

  1. I haven’t taken down my Christmas tree yet, and
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed, nay reveled in every single moment of Jersey Shore. I know it’s shameful and obnoxious but I was hooked before Pauly D. had a chance to finish his blow out. Each episode, I sat before my television completely transfixed, unable to parse the bombarding stimuli of a cultural phenomenon being born. Afterward the girls and I would debrief, discussing which moment was the most outlandish from each episode’s plethora of insanity. I even tried out the Jersey Shore nickname generator and would prefer it if you refer to me as The Tan-trum from now on. GTL 4evah!!

*Rest assured I ended up wearing a suitable foundation garment. As Truvy said, “I haven’t left the house without lycra on these thighs since I was 14.”


2 Responses to “Bursting with Flavor”

  1. Kris Says:

    That pic looks so delicious! I can’t eat grapefruit – something about combining it with my blood pressure meds makes it toxic. My mother-in-law said her thyroid meds have the same warning. Weird.

    Also, I hate driving at night in the rain, too. Do your specs have that anti-glare coating? I didn’t have it put on mine, and I’m wondering if I should have.

    And yay for your Christmas tree! I miss the lights from ours.

  2. westwardbound Says:

    We have an entire box of Texas grapefruit in our fridge. Come on over for an extra! Carbon emissions be damned.

    Also, we disposed of our tree this weekend. And forgot to take our wreath along to the dump. So it remains on our door…

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