Let it Snow

Last Friday my work sent everyone home early because of a snowstorm. It was such a joyous occasion, I braved the slick roads and drove directly to a local fabric store. I was on the hunt for some yarn I needed to finish a project and not one to waste an opportunity, I also scoured the clearance section for any gems.

Today we’re in the grips of another potential blizzard and I’m hoping to be released again early. I was supposed to assist a CSS workshop tonight but it’s already been canceled, which is perfect since Lost is on. Have we talked about that yet? This is the final season and I’m chomping at the bit for some heart-stopping, jaw-dropping answers to all the crazy questions we’ve been inundated with over the years.

With that, I’m going to do it up bullet style since all the thoughts streaming out of my noggin are a bit tangential:

  • Did you know that Vanna White has her own brand of yarn? I never pegged her as a knitter but I guess in addition to those letter-turnin’ skillz, she likes to get her purl on.
  • I took Abbs to the vet recently because her ear seemed to be bothering her and she’d had an ear infection a few weeks’ prior. Turned out she had another one but treating it is like trying to drink pudding through a stir straw. During her puppy-hood, she let it be known that she does not like her ears (or paws) to be touched, which is quite a shame because they’re so damn adorable. As such, trying to put drops in her ears is a ridiculous spectacle during which she resists as though I were setting her on fire, only finally relenting at arm’s length by hanging her head to the ground and facing in whatever direction is most inconvenient. If I manage to get a few drops into her actual ear, she then shakes her head violently and huffs out of the room. Still I melt and rush to her side when she scratches her ear and lets out a pathetic, pained groan. Poor bippy’s got me wrapped around her little paw, which should not be touched under any circumstances!
  • A few weeks ago, I made spaghetti with artichoke hearts and tomatoes for the girls and it was a hit. I used half-and-half instead of cream but I think next time I’ll skip it all together because the dish was rich enough with the olive oil and cheese. In the future I’ll also substitute veggie stock for the chicken broth so it’s vegetarian. I didn’t have any chives on hand so I used basil instead, which gave it a yummy pesto-y tinge. Mmmmm!
  • In the late 90s, I got really into scrapbooking and was gifted with a laminator. I haven’t used it in at least 6 years and it’s big and bulky so the time has come for this mother to go to Goodwill. I’ve held onto it thinking I would use it but the rare instances in which it might be useful don’t make up for the pain-in-the-ass of storing it. What I’m saying here is, I need permission to let go of my laminator. Could you be a lamb and tell me it’s OK so I can move on? Theeenks!

3 Responses to “Let it Snow”

  1. Marta Says:

    You have my permission to let the laminator go! I’ve been working on de-cluttering my house since the new year and my mantra is “There are no storage units at the cemetery!” Not that I’m going anywhere, but I just need to remind myself that if I don’t love it or use it, I don’t need to store it!

  2. Matthew Says:

    Two Points:

    #1: Vanna is a crocheter, not a knitter. We stalked her relentlessly when I worked for a crochet publication to put her on the cover. . . .and finally did. She’s skinnier in person than she appears on T.V.

    #2: If I had a laminator I’d never get rid of it. Just reading that, I began thinking of all the things I could laminate. Keep it!

  3. Kris Says:

    Awww, poor Abbs. I hope her ear thing clears up. 😦
    Zoey has the same issues with her feet. Must be some weird Pyr thing. Does Abby do that thing where she throws her head back and barks with wild abandon when she’s really annoyed?

    I love artichoke hearts! I make something very similar, and have never used heavy cream in it – why add the empty fat/calories when they’re not needed?

    Lose the laminator. You’ll be okay, and maybe Goodwill will keep it for themselves (for employee ID badges and sale signs and such).

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