My Glamorous Life

You can blame Casey. She inadvertently gave me permission to dip my toes into the waters of vlogging this week as I’ve been too sick and put upon to blog. Using my mobile phone, I’ve documented my descent into madness. These short blips only begin to tell my tale of woe and phlegm and tissues with lotion. Please excuse the shaky, up-nostril shooting.

Stage 1

Marked by jovial disavowal of the unavoidable truth that I’m ill…and not just mentally.

Stage 2

The pitiful subject, now so miserable she’s forced to confront her illness head-on, acquiesces to Western medicine.

Notice how the patient clings to the remaining shreds of her merry personality by cheerfully singing her diagnosis despite her weakened state. So sad…*shakes head*

Stay tuned!


5 Responses to “My Glamorous Life”

  1. Ern Says:

    Awww. Poor Mymsie! I hope Abby is taking good care of you and you feel better soon.

  2. tmc Says:

    I hope you’re on the mend!

  3. Kris Says:

    Oh, dear. Get better soon.

    Also, I felt like I was at the theater, watching Blair Witch Project again while watching your camera shakey 2nd vlog. :o)

  4. Matthew Says:

    You poor Punkin. . . .can I bring you some chicken soup?

  5. A-frame Says:

    You poor, poor Myms. If you can stand (or even if you can’t) stand the taste of wasabi, it’s time to start eating some. Get a tube, squeeze a little on your finger, lick it off (nice), and wait for the hot wave to ascend your sinus passages. You’ll think you huffed lava but it will get the phlegm a-moving and you’ll clear up for a while. Trust me – it works.

    PS – Hi Ern!

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