Let the Sun Shine In

This afternoon I was heading back to my office after an appointment when the sun finally came out and fluttered those coquettish lashes of hers just as 1901 came blaring over my car speakers. And Internet? In that moment, I was happy. The sun was only out for a few minutes — she’s been a fickle harlot lately — but it was enough time for those rays to tickle my nose with the promise of spring, giving me the resolve to bear winter’s end.

Yesterday morning on a local radio show I sometimes listen to, the DJ read a list of words and phrases that are overused and should be retired. He insinuated “that’s what she said” falls into this category but obviously was mistaken because really, truly, it makes me laugh every time. It got me thinking about what would be on my redundancy list and I came up with a few that are remarkably like nails scraping down a chalkboard:

  1. Like – This can be especially problematic among millennials.  The other night I *cough* happened to catch an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and wanted to pour scalding hot wax in my ears during a conversation between two teenagers. Every other word was “like” and I found myself focusing on each appalling instance instead of the point, which was so devoid of significance that it may as well have been surmised by watching a goat eat a lightbulb. I should note that I too am sometimes guilty of using “like” unnecessarily but I make an effort to be careful as I’m afraid it makes you sound like a dolt.
  2. Literally – Unfortunately some folks are using this word for emphasis when they mean “figuratively.” “I literally died laughing.” Really? Did you die? Because you’re right here telling me this story. Apparently I’m not alone in my irritation — there’s at least one blog and a Facebook group dedicated to its reparation, but now we’re in sort of a chicken/egg situation because I also hate the over-abundance of silly groups on Facebook and joined this one in protest. (God, this is making me sound like a crotchety old be-otch.)
  3. It is what it is – And finally the ubiquitous, inimitable poster child for useless cliches, so completely bastardized that you might very well convey your meaning by instead saying “ti-esrever-dna-ti-pilf-nwod-gniht-ym-tup-i.”
  4. Honorable mentions – “Dude” and tacking “right now” at the end of every sentence.

I’m sure I say many things that drive people bonkers. What sorts of words and phrases irritate you?

3 Responses to “Let the Sun Shine In”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    I really hate it when people use “tragic” in reference to losing a football game, or Alanis Morrisett’s misuse of the “Isn’t it ironic, doncha think?” No I don’t think. Except for the guy that was afraid to fly and finally got the courage and then crashed, none of her examples are ironic, they are just bad luck.

    Rain on your wedding day – Bad luck
    Free ride when your already there – that’s just bad timing, and how much did you have to pay for the ride anyway?
    Good advice that you just didn’t take – well that’s just stubborness, or not being trusting in the person giving the advice

    It’s a black fly in your chardonnay – this is just a sign that the eating establishment needs to have a health inspection
    Death row pardon two minutes too late – again a timing issue
    Traffic jam when you are already late – punctuality issue, and failure to check the INDOT traffic monitoring site
    No smoking sign on your cigarette break – obviously you didn’t go to the designated smoking area
    Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife – this is just a problem with the procurement division, they should have ordered some knives
    Meeting the man of her dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife – once again a timing issue

    I agree with you on the “That’s what she said”, there are too many instances where that is still hilarious. Someone in the copy room this morning yelled out “Pull it out!”, and under my breath I said “That’s what she said”

  2. pickles & dimes Says:

    HA – I think I say all of these! However, I do say “It is what it is” jokingly, only because my husband and I watched an interview with a Minnesota Viking and that was his catchphrase, which he said about 30 times during his 3-minute interview.

  3. tmc Says:

    Probably “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and “you know (what I’m saying).”

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