3 Important Things

  • You know how some people like the edges of brownies so much that they bake them in a special pan designed to create only brownies with edges? Yeah. I’m not one of those people. In fact, had I baked brownies last night AND I’M NOT SAYING I DID, I would’ve trimmed off any icky edges and instead savored only the moist, decadent, fudgy interior pieces.
  • Isn’t it satisfying when you actually use up all of a pen’s ink? It hardly ever happens to me because I lose them or get bored and switch to another one but this morning was auspicious indeed. I had the pleasure of being present for a noble Bic’s final scribbles. What a time to be alive!!
  • It’s fitting that the Academy Awards were last Sunday, given that I scored free passes to see a film tonight that’s destined to earn many accolades. That’s right, it’s Hot Tub Time Machine! I’m sure it will be nothing short of uproarious and ridiculous but come on, that one guy from The Office is in it and he’s pretty funny. John Cusack also somehow found his way into the cast. Frankly I’ve been a bit shocked at some of the movies he’s chosen to be in recently. 2012? Really?? I miss Say Anything…/High Fidelity Cusack. Perhaps this will be his reimmersion into the world of notable films. I shouldn’t get my hopes up though, considering it’s a movie about a hot tub that transports people to the past.

2 Responses to “3 Important Things”

  1. tmc Says:

    I once wrote a Bic dry IN ONE SITTING! (It was a long, long train trip) Very satisfying. I’m not saying I did this, but maybe I might’ve saved the pen in my scrapbox for a time.

  2. A-frame Says:

    I just read that John Cusack co-wrote the script to Hot Tub Time Machine. Not sure if that will change your perspective on the movie, or on John for that matter…

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