Gag Me With a Spoon

Hot Tub Time Machine wasn’t the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen (anything with Ben Stiller in it comes to mind, although I’m willing to concede this could redeem him) but it was no cinematic masterpiece either, as I expected. The upside was the totally tubular 80s music played throughout the movie. Lean and I were bouncing in our seats and reminiscing about the Guess triangle and frizzy perms. (I feel compelled to note that I never owned any Guess denim but remember spotting it on many booties back in the day.)

I got my laptop back awhile ago and my precious pictures were rescued but this hunk o’ hardware is on the verge of merely functioning as a paperweight. The guy who fixed it reinstalled Windows but it’s still slow as hell and arbitrarily stops recognizing keystrokes. It already had 2 missing keys but a few days ago the Backspace key came off and now cannot be coaxed back on, at least with my limited knowledge. It still works but requires WAY too much cognitive overhead. You have to stop typing and press really hard, sometimes several times, on the bare metal pad. Given that I make a lot of mistakes typing, this is quick way to irritate the hell out me.  All this means I must prepare to buy a new one and hardware baffles me. Can someone please just tell me the best one to get? My current one is a Dell and it’s been OK but I don’t know that I’d buy another.

Because of all the rain, there are pockets of mud all around my apartment. Abby has found every one and tracked in many adorable but unsightly paw prints, especially around her food and water bowls in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure she considered it an art installation and had plans to charge a hefty fee for viewings. And so I spent all day  undoing her work and über-cleaning my kitchen. It was no easy task and I still smell like Tilex but it sure is satisfying to see it all spick-and-span. Now no one may tread on my shiny, clean floors and certainly no messy cooking or food preparation shall take place in there.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the launch of Liberty of London’s line for Target, which was today and both bags I want are already sold out on the Web site. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one in a store. I missed the Orla Kiely for Target boat and am still kicking myself. (The products are going for a fortune on eBay.) Liberty of London and Orla Kiely are both normally waaaaay out of my price range but my wallet could sustain a few purchases from their more reasonably priced Target lines. What are you coveting these days? (Update: Looks like there’s more stock online now. To avoid shipping costs, I’m going to check a local store first.)


5 Responses to “Gag Me With a Spoon”

  1. lydia Says:

    Went to Target yesterday and am totally in LUV with that Liberty stuff. Need to redecorate my house to make it work. 🙂

    • mymsie Says:

      I got an adorable duffle and matching wallet! It was very difficult to leave the store without 100 other things. Have you seen the tea pots?? *swoon*

  2. A-frame Says:

    You’re summoned two Guess memories from my yoot:

    1) One of the few articles of designer (?) clothing my mother ever bought my snotty, undeserving teen-age self was a Guess jean jacket in understated acid wash. Boy, was I cool.

    2) Dave, a fellow band geek who was a year ahead of me and occupied the first trumpet seat in band, had a pair of Guess jeans that he wore too often for my suburban adolescent sensibilities. (Jeez, if I knew how far my hygiene standards would fall by my thirties….but that’s a convo for another time.) As if his frequent wear wasn’t uncool enough, these jeans sport the blue-green ? triangle that signified men’s Guess clothing. The label was the red ? triangle. Girls jeans! Dave wore girls jeans! And without any irony whatsoever! *sigh*

    Well, thanks for the trip down Amnesia Lane.

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