Finally, an Occasion to Use “Mustachioed” in a Sentence!

Last summer, I had lunch with some friends I used to work with. We all happen to be sillyheads, which is why we get on so well. We always have rip-roaring fun when we get together (except for that one time with the snails.) I often bring along a goofy toy for us to fiddle with, as we’re simpletons who are easily entertained by trinkets and do-dads. Last time, I brought these self-adhesive mustaches. Please don’t try to understand why an adult would even think of such a thing, just know that hilarity ensued. Here are my favorite snaps from our lunch:

SweetBasta with a silly mustache

Hammy Toe with a silly mustache

Eventually the adhesive wore off and we went our separate ways to wreak havoc at our respective workplaces. I was left with one lone mustache, which I soon lost.

Fast forward to last week when while working one afternoon, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. To my horror, it was a big ol’ spider crawling along the wall with a haughty air. I immediately e-mailed someone I work with, insisting she come remove the foul beast from my working quarters. She rushed to my office and thoughtfully eyed the innocent spider before doing a double-take, pointing at something in the corner, and saying, “WHAT IS THAT???” I was sitting on the other side of my desk and afraid to look, thought she’d found a teeming nest or the headquarters of Al Qaeda. She explained that there was something brown and furry in the corner and after poking it with her foot, bent over to examine it more closely. I couldn’t imagine what on earth it was and feared the worst when she carefully picked up the object and dangled it in front of my face. I’m sure by now you’ve correctly guessed that it was that blasted left-over mustache. And imagine, if you will, me trying to explain why I have a cheesy, porn star self-adhesive mustache in my office. “Oh you know, sometimes I wear one to channel Magnum P.I. It helps me think!” I mentally added the event to my growing list of mortifications and realized the best recourse was to giggle and try to redirect our attention to the spider. Needless to say, my friend hasn’t come to visit me in my office since.

Mymsie with a Mustache
Helloooooo! I’m mustachioed! La la la!”

P.S. A friend is coming into town this weekend and I am totally making mustaches on a stick for us to play with. I’ll be sure to take pictures.


2 Responses to “Finally, an Occasion to Use “Mustachioed” in a Sentence!”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    The only thing your picture needs is a monocle! Don’t forget to bring some eye-patches, silly glasses, and stick on tatoos as well. Oh, I am so jealous of the fun you will be having. Oh, and wax lips!

  2. Maxine Dangerous Says:

    That second picture made me LOL. Your friend is a sexy bitch! 😀

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