Buh-Bye Winter Coat

The sunny weather has done wonders for my mood. And just to show spring how serious I am about its arrival, I put away my winter coat and am not under any circumstances getting it out again. I realize this decision has the potential to make me look like an ass but the chances are high that I’ll look like an ass regardless of whether or not I’m wearing a coat, so I’ll risk it.

I am →this← close to calling the mayor directly to yell at him about the pothole situation in Indianapolis. It is ridiculous! They are everywhere and they aren’t wimpy dips in the road but formidable canyons, wreaking havoc on my car’s alignment. I just took the Goose in to have one of her speakers fixed and despite the fact that my tires are new AND my car was aligned after I got the tires, two of my wheels are bent and it will cost almost $200 to fix the problem. NOT FAIR. It’s not like I’m a reckless driver who doesn’t pay attention but often times these pits are unavoidable or I don’t see them until it’s too late. The road leading away from Moxy’s condo is so treacherous, I don’t even try to drive on the right side anymore. I make sure the way is clear and pretend I’m in London until I’ve passed the potholes. A friend told me her father-in-law once complained to the city about potholes messing up his car’s alignment and they gave him money to fix it. What are the odds of things working out so smashingly for me?

I made a spring mix featuring lots of new-to-me artists I’ve been stalking for the past few months and some familiar favorites. Roll down your windows, crank it, and enjoy!


2 Responses to “Buh-Bye Winter Coat”

  1. A-Frame Says:

    Love-love-love that Temper Trap song!

  2. Kris Says:

    Try sending an e-mail to the city planning or transportation department, maybe. Sometimes I think there are just toooooo many roads; and they just don’t bother unless people complain about it.

    P.S. Your new masthead makes me giggle. 🙂 Something about “bloopers” being so close to “bloomers”, as in granny style undies.

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