Death & Taxes (Except No Death Really)

I finished my taxes a day early, which for a perfectionist procrastinator (God, I’m exhausting) is pretty good! They were a little more complicated this year since I had some freelance gigs but I managed to emerge unscathed and a couple hundred bucks in the black. Unfortunately those monies (my new favorite corporate-ism) will go toward stupid medical/dental bills because falling out of bed and skipping the dentist for a few years ain’t cheap! (For the record, I’m extremely grateful to have insurance so please don’t smite me God of Health Care or any related deities.)

And speaking of perfectionism and procrastination, I think I’m finally almost settled into my apartment, which I moved into more than a year ago. Last night I started the final phase, framing pictures and plotting where to hang them. There are a few things I need to have framed, which can be spency so I may be employing some creative hanging techniques in the meantime. Although it’s taken a ridiculous amount of time, I’ve never been more organized or free of the detritus of yore (except for my swimming ribbons and college notebooks DON’T JUDGE ME.)

I don’t know about you but I had a super fun weekend including lunch at the IMA Cafe, which I highly recommend for 1) a lovely outdoor dining experience and 2) their amazing cornbread. I also saw Date Night, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated (be sure to stay for the hilarious outtakes at the end) and wrapped things up with an uproarious dinner with the gang, heavy on the margaritas and talk of an upcoming camping trip. Tonight the revelry continues when the girls and I get together for our weekly debriefing. We usually watch Project Runway but frankly this season has been a real snoozer so last week we succumbed to our baser instincts and tuned in to Sober House. We’re mad at Dr. Drew for letting Tom Sizemore be on the same season as Heidi Fleiss. “How dare he put her recovery in jeopardy,” we clucked. Are your plans equally as scholarly?


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