Jinkies, you guys have been quiet lately. Is it possible my discourse on Eyjafjallajökull wasn’t as interesting as I thought?

Happy girlI took Abbs for a walk last night and her sleuthy snorfling lead her to chow down some oniony-smelling weed. Now instead of having terrible breath, she has terrible oniony breath. It reminded me of the first time I planted herbs. It was the spring of my senior year of college and I had a cute apartment with a lovely balcony that got lots of sun during the day. I put planters of basil and mint out there and excitedly monitored their progress. One warm afternoon, I was taking a glorious nap on the couch with the door to the balcony open and a soft breeze pouring inside. I suddenly roused a bit and could think of nothing but pesto. A big bowl of spaghetti with a hearty dollop of savory pesto, oozing with parm and olive oil. Oooo, nothing had ever sounded so good! I opened my eyes and found Abby right in my face looking quite pleased with herself. I glanced at my balcony and discovered that during my nap, she’d devoured all the herbs I’d planted, including the basil, leaving her breath wreaking of herbaceous pesto. Naughty hound! Needless to say, I got take out that night.


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