On Notice: Part 2

On Notice

I went to Target last week and ended up trying on a few skirts I found on clearance. I wandered into the dressing room area, already preoccupied with whether or not I’d be able to keep my spending in the double digits.* I listened for movement inside the first dressing room I came to and didn’t hear a peep. I turned the door knob tentatively, found it unlocked, and strolled in whereupon I saw a woman wearing only her skivvies. She glanced coyly at me and purred, “I didn’t lock it.” Really?? Because you know we’re at Target and not, say, an exhibitionist meet-up at the Y? I was, of course, mortified and began a strange dance of backing up, apologizing, bowing, and averting my eyes. She simply cooed, “No problem.” I should mention that the doors in this Target’s dressing rooms go all the way to the floor, so I couldn’t have seen any movement. Trust me, next time I will knock loudly and identify myself as a Clothes Police officer. I get that this flashing mentality is fueled by the element of surprise but could she not have chosen some place where the surprisee might likely be amendable to a naughty peek, like a strip club or a Mapplethorpe exhibit?



One Response to “On Notice: Part 2”

  1. westwardbound Says:

    I love this line : She glanced coyly at me and purred, “I didn’t lock it.”


    Also, which Target is this, so I can avoid it at all costs? Although, I usually have kids in tow and never try anything on anyway…

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