Interior Decorating Dilemma

Well I’d planned to blog about one first world problem but ended up discovering another: I can’t find my digital camera battery charger. I feel like I’ve spent a significant amount of time, like enough to have gotten an MBA instead, looking for my camera and its accessories over the years. Someone a bit more clever might’ve decided to corall them in one location but that is WAY too forward-thinking for me. In the meantime, please ‘scuse my crappy cell phone pics.

On to the initial problem. I plan on replacing my living room furniture within the year. My couch is on its last legs but I’m eking out all the wear I can from it. My parents bought the chair I’m sitting in some time in the late 80s. The cushions have been replaced and recovered but it’s still in great shape structurally, I’m just not in love with the style. In truth I’ve grown so attached to it (especially with its super-handy movable add-a-space), I’ll probably just move it to another nook of my apartment when I get a new living room chair.

Another important tidbit is a dining area. I have a cute little sunroom that would be perfect but in a shocking display of skewed priorities, it’s become my crafts & sewing room. I have some space in an actual dining room, but need dining furniture. I’ve been looking at dining sets but the ones I like are pretty pricey and my first priority is getting a new couch.

So in an effort to make ends meet, I’ve done quite a lot of thrifting in the last few months, hoping to find some goodies. I’ve scored some great stuff, mostly vintage linens for sewing, which I’ll show you when I find my camera battery charger. I’ve kept a constant eye out for furniture I could repurpose for some of my needs and yesterday, after months of diligent searching, I hit the motherload. At a local Salvation Army, I found 2 chairs that, with a little work, would be perfect for my dining room. I sat in them for almost an hour trying to decide and ultimately went for it:

Chair 1

First of all, they were only $8/each. Also I knew I could fairly easily sand them down, paint them with a fresh coat, and recover the cushions with pretty IKEA fabric in my stash. They would be perfect for a small dining table and would also be great for reading nestled next to my bookcases. I was seriously chuffed, especially after a woman in line complimented my find.

Next I hit a local Goodwill and right inside the door, found two of these:

Chair 2

Goodwill often gets Target castoffs, as I’m pretty sure these are. The fabric is a lovely Ultrasuede and the chairs are sturdy-but-comfortable. They have a few nicks and scuffs but only cost $15/each. I sat in them for nearly an hour as well trying to figure out what to do. Naturally I’d find these puppies on the day I’d already found chairs. Goodwill has a 7-day return policy so I decided to get the chairs and try them out in my apartment. I did just that and I think they’re a little too big for my dining space. They might work in my bedroom but it would be a tight squeeze and I don’t do a lot of sitting in there. (I don’t mean that in a dirty way but it sure does sound like it, huh?) If I had the room, I’d just store the red chairs until I could use them but that’s not an option. I think the best thing to do is return them and go with my first purchase but they’re SUCH a great find, I hate to give them up. So I decided to do what any blogger with a quandary would do → poll the Internets. Your help in this urgent matter is greatly appreciated!

Edited to add: Polldaddy isn’t letting me see the “Other” answers you guys are suggesting so feel free to add them to the comments instead.


3 Responses to “Interior Decorating Dilemma”

  1. Lean Says:

    Here are some questions to ponder for help with decision making.

    1. Will you be motivated to refinish chairs fairly soon? (If not, then maybe
    the red chairs.)

    2. How soon will you be movin’ to another place? If it will be awhile, will it
    be too annoying to try and make the red chairs work until next move?

    3. Do you have a place to store the red chairs until move?

    I vote for the cool white chairs. I think they would be fun to fix up (we could have chair fix-up party) and they are better for the space. Red chairs=too big and would be overbearing.

    Nate Berkus

  2. Amy Says:

    But my Other was so good! I said to keep one of each. Now it’s too late.

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