A Spare

By the time I got back from MO, my car looked how I’d imagine the inside of a hairball might. My usual technique of covering the backseat with a sheet, carefully tucking here and there, had long since failed, giving Abby ample time to shed a 4″ layer of fluff all over. It was so bad that when I opened any of the car windows, I’d inadvertently create a spinning vortex through which stray fur was furiously sucked and expelled onto innocent passersby. It was time to have The Goose detailed, is what I’m saying and for good measure, I had the carpets and upholstery cleaned too in a feeble attempt to get rid of the muddy paw prints from when I’d taken Abby swimming at the river.

When I bought my car a few years ago, while waiting in the showroom for paperwork to be sorted out, I peeked inside a Honda Element. Because I’m such a messy klutz, one of the first things I noticed was rubber utility mats covering the carpeted floor mats. A salesman explained they could be easily removed and rinsed. I knew immediately that I must have those mats in my car as well. I’m so glad I bought them because my inevitable spills are much less catastrophic, knowing I can clean up in a snap. They add a little bulk but nothing problematic. When I got my car back after it was detailed, things in the floor mat venue seemed a little off but not enough to warrant inspection, that was until yesterday, when I knelt down to see what was going on down there. Much to my surprise, I found an extra carpet mat! It matches my interior but I checked the passengers side and backseat and those mats are accounted for so it’s definitely not one of mine. I can only imagine that some poor sod with a gray interior’d hoopty is missing one of their precious mats. Should I put an ad on Craigslist?

And speaking of cars, last week Moxy and her boyf and I went to a friend’s for a libationary dinner and when we left, found ours had been towed. Moxy had to pay $200 to free her car and I had to pay $225. The extra $25 was a “courtesy fee.” Apparently my back window was down so they covered it in plastic in case it rained. Of course that altruism didn’t keep them from savagely towing my car in the first place. It turns out that we were parked perfectly legally and the towing company was in the wrong. Trust me when I say that I will have the last word along with a swift refunding, compounded by a “courtesy charge” I plan to levy for the energy I’ve expended on this nonsense.

For the dinner party, I made these pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing and they were YUM. Moxy’s boyf said they had “a nice crumb,” which caused me to blush so I slapped him with one of my gloves.

I’m headed to Chicago tomorrow to attend a search engine optimization conference, which looks to be as dull as it sounds. In truth I’m excited for my mini-adventure and plan to see some friends while I’m there. I may even do something touristy, like Shedd Aquarium or an architecture river cruise. Stay tuned for tales from the windy city!

P.S. When I called to make a hotel reservation, I heard “Welcome to the hotel name’s voice activated menu.” I grumbled, “Oh God” and then heard “Please hold while we transfer you to Jose Gobb.” Hee! šŸ™‚


One Response to “A Spare”

  1. Marta Says:

    Hey there! I’m sure you are very busy and still recovering from major surgery and all, but I have to ask you to please post more! I just can’t get enough of your hilarious and brutally honest blog. Today I was thinking, “I need to find more blogs like DBSS. No, actually I just want DBSS every day!” So, no pressure, really, just know you’ve got fans ready for more.

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