Let’s Get This Party Started

National Blog Posting Month

I’ve been blogging since 2006 but every year when National Blog Posting Month rolls around, I cringe and refuse to participate.

“I cannot crank out art like factory-made trinkets!”

“I’m blogging without obligation!”

“The muses adhere to no editorial calendar!”

But the truth is, lately I’ve been worried about my increasingly infrequent posting and growing ambivalence for my little space on the interwebs. I’m not exactly sure what my problem is but I know I’ve felt overwhelmed with a “Nobody cares” attitude the last few months. It’s not that I expect a parade or a spot on The View. I think I need to reassess why I want to share my voice and set some goals. I’m notorious for endlessly mulling over decisions and languishing in “I’m not sure”-land. To rekindle the flame, I’m jumping on board the NaBloPoMo train. TOOT TOOT! I’ll post once a day for all of November. (Naturally I’m starting a day late, so I’m predating this post to give the illusion of competence.)

I already have a promising list of scintillating topics so don’t plan on snoozing or you might miss a mighty discourse on the merits of liquid laundry detergent vs. powder. I’ll try to keep things interesting but I may have a few desperate days when I have to make use of the generic writing prompts on the NaBloPoMo site or resort to “Guess what color panties I’m wearing?” polls.


2 Responses to “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. tmc Says:

    Welcome to the bandwagon!

  2. Amy Says:

    oh good, I’m not the only crazy one!

    Walter sends wags to Abbs.

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