We Know How To Live, Baby

Attention: This post is optimized for reading while listening to Gwen Stefani sing about luxurious linens:

Oh, how I love Target’s elusive orange clearance sticker. Through careful study, I’ve ferreted out the lower-profile endcaps at my local Targets where I’m most likely to find good deals. Even if I just pop in to buy dish soap, I always cruise by a few key locations to make sure I’m not missing any deep discounts. Several Saturdays ago, I found some plush bath towels for dirt cheap and satin pillowcases for less than $3/each. I’ve never had them before but it sounded like a bed linen I could get behind. I’ve also read that satin pillowcases are more gentle on your hair while you’re sleeping, so you’ll end up with less damage and split ends. I don’t know if that part is true, but I’ll report back with my findings.

So far, I’m not sure I like them. For one thing, it’s static-cling season and they seem to be extra conductive. Last night I couldn’t relax because my bangs kept sticking straight up. The satin feels lovely against my skin but is so slippery, I can’t properly stack and fold my pillows without them shifting all over the place. Maybe I should get new pillows but I can see that kicking off a cycle that ends with me having to buy a new house perfectly suited to satin pillowcases. Alas, sometimes the tantalizing clearance sticker leads me awry.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that I tweeted about my new pillowcases and Target totally tweeted me back!

Target Tweet


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