Mish Mash

Today was the perfect combination of productive and lazy. Thanks to daylight saving’s time, I was up at 7:41 a.m. so I took a bubble bath, read, and catnapped the morning away. I followed up my slacking with some über-cleaning and finished the day watching several episodes of Bored to Death. If you haven’t seen it, you must. Jason Schwartzman plays an adorable, goofy writer who moonlights as an unlicensed private detective. Zach Galifianakis plays his buddy, who draws a comic book about a superhero with a giant penis and Ted Danson plays his mentor, an aging ladies’ man trying to thwart his obsolescence as editor of a New York magazine. Fun, sweet, and very well-written! Jason Schwartman said this of the show’s theme song, which he wrote and performed:

“This is an embarrassing story, and one that I feel terrible about because it will expose me as a low-key liar. But I did it and I brought it upon myself so I’m just going to come clean now. … I was finishing up a film, Funny People, that I was acting in that was taking up all of my days. And I was supposed to be writing the song, and every week I would get an e-mail from people at HBO saying, ‘How’s the song coming?’ And I would just say, ‘Everything is great,’ even though I had nothing written. And I would quickly invent something that I had written, and describe something, like, ‘I’ve come up with this walking bass line; I think it’s very right for the song,’ and they’d write back, ‘Great. Can’t wait to hear it.’ … Basically, I lied for a month on the fly about what was in this song, musically. Then it came time for me to submit a demo, and not to seem like a liar, I went back through all of my sent e-mails and saw all of the things I had said were in the song, wrote them down — and then basically to fulfill the lie, I wrote the song based on every fib I had e-mailed. And I wrote it in 10 minutes.”

Now there’s a procrastinator after my own heart!

My Christmas cactus is blooming! I guess it doesn’t know that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Blooming Christmas Cactus

How adorable is B’s cat, Lord Benjamin Featherbottom? Loving on him was worth every sneeze of my allergy attack.

Lord Benjamin Featherbottom


2 Responses to “Mish Mash”

  1. matthew Says:

    I hope he does better with cats than he did with dogs.

    • Mymsie Says:

      It turns out B is more of a cat person than a dog person. He LOVES Benj and dotes on him like crazy. He’s had him for quite awhile now and they are the perfect pair.

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