Awww, Honey Honey

Sugar Lips
Photo by bitca / by Attribution 2.0 Generic CC

I’ve no doubt prattled endlessly about my ongoing struggles with sugar, which I affectionately refer to as My Evil Sucrose Overlord. The longest I ever made it without sugar was a little over 6 months and although it was extremely difficult, I felt so much better than I do when I’m a slave to Satan’s sweetener.

After my surgery, my eating was pretty wonky. I didn’t eat much of anything for several weeks and then when I started eating regular meals, I let too much sugar creep back into my diet. Things had reached unmanageable proportions when I read fellow Indy blogger Kate’s post about her struggles with sugar and her vow to nix it for awhile. That felt doable so I decided to go sugar-free for the rest of the year. It’s only been a week so I’m still in detox mode but I’m trying to focus on the positives. I’m sooooo jealous of people who don’t have to fight this battle but I’m slugging through one day at a time. In the meantime, don’t mention anything even remotely tangential to sugar or any of its synonyms or derivatives, lest I poke you with a pointy stick! đŸ˜‰


One Response to “Awww, Honey Honey”

  1. matthew Says:

    Can I share. . . .on a recent md visit, my doc told me I need to lose roughly 17 pounds. She suggested giving up sugar and carbs. There were/are health repercussions if I didn’t lose the weight. So, I cut back on sugar by about 90 percent and really reduced carbs, which as it turns out are MUCH harder to avoid than sugar. Carbs are everywhere. . . .evenin things you think are healthy (like carrots!). After about 3 weeks of this. . . .10 pounds fell off. The easiest food plan change I ever made. I will say that I’ve plateued. . .but 10 pounds is fairly significant. Sugar and carbs are evil. Pure evil.

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