And on the Ninth Day, I Rested

Ok so I didn’t blog yesterday but I had a very long day and by the time it was winding down, my brain had already begun its silent descent toward sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to write even a half-witted post. I briefly considered simply posting this picture of Abbs (and let’s face it, it’s adorable enough to illicit all sorts of discussion) but decided instead to go to bed and face the consequences in the morning. Boy was I surprised when I was awoken at 5:30 a.m. by The Blog Police banging on my door and shouting things like, “You think NaBloPoMo is a joke???”

I was again punished for my slackery when I happened to wake up this morning and realize I hadn’t heard my phone alarm and couldn’t find my phone. I searched all over my apartment and came up empty handed so I sent my phone a text message from my computer, hoping to hear it beep when it received the message. I soon realized it was trapped in the bowels of the couch, not under a cushion or in a crack but waaaay down by the springs and wood supports. I ended up having to turn the couch on end several times before finally shaking the phone loose. I was exhausted and hadn’t even left the house yet! I also somehow pulled a groin muscle so I feel a bit like a stripper the day after her first pole dance. SORE, is what I’m saying and walking, well…walking as though I have a pole in my heiny.

Do you see what happens when you don’t blog every day of NaBloPoMo??


One Response to “And on the Ninth Day, I Rested”

  1. tmc Says:

    for shame!! 🙂

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