Turns Out I Rested on the 11th Day, Too

But that doesn’t mean I’m not posting! *Looks around nervously in case The Blog Police bugged my apartment.*

I had Veterans Day off of work and thoroughly enjoyed it. The bulk of what I’ve done today can’t really be quantified, what with the napping and all but I did manage to do some cleaning and I’m heading to water aerobics soon. I normally don’t like going on Thursdays because the teacher doesn’t do a ton of heart-pumping exercise. It’s mostly strength training and stretching, which is important but not nearly as fun and the class goes by more slowly. Plus one time, I was the only person in the class and it was extremely nerve-wracking to have the instructor’s full attention. I spent the hour fretting about my form and breathing patterns, lest I be chastised. The instructor is actually really nice but she did call me out once about something. It wasn’t a big deal but I was humiliated nonetheless, especially given the courage it takes for me to parade around in a bathing suit. We were doing this exercise:

…except trust me when I say that I did not look like that lady. Anyway apparently my elbows were splayed too far apart so the teacher swam over and corrected me. I’m glad she did because I don’t want to do the exercise wrong but again, having the whole class watch me struggling with a simple maneuver was not good for my self esteem. But since then, you better believe I’ve done those overhead tricep extensions perfectly and can actually tell a difference in my arms.


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