Weekend FAIL

FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t post this weekend. Seismic shift or non-event? DISCUSS!!

I spent the better part of Saturday sorting through all the paperwork and bills left in the aftermath of my gallbladder surgery. Between anesthesia, pathology, the emergency room, and the surgeon, I’m swimming in a sea of obscure billing codes and return envelopes. I have to make several phone calls and promise to slowly but surely pay off the charges (and I’m lucky enough to have insurance!) Let’s hope no burly goons show up at my door, unless they just want to have tea and learn to knit.

I love sweet Benj but spending another evening with him set off a sinus event that apparently cannot be stopped. I’ve spent the entire day blowing my nose with the force of a thousand trumpets. At the moment, all the congestion has smugly planted itself in my rightal (I made up a word!) sinus cavity. Isn’t that the worst, when the congestion isn’t balanced? Damn those jolly boogers!


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