Guess the Sound

Things are a little too quiet around here so I thought I’d break up the monotony with a contest. Here’s the deal: if you can guess what the noise is in the following voice mail message that B left me, I’ll gift you a homemade craft. (Maybe a cute pouch? Or some Christmas bunting?) Leave your guesses in the comments by Sunday, November 21st at nooner. And I’ll give you a hint – it’s not a car horn. Good luck! 😉

Click here to listen


4 Responses to “Guess the Sound”

  1. Chi Says:

    Holy f*ck, what IS that??

  2. lean Says:

    So I played this and it scared the shit out of the cats. They kept looking around with a terrified face trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. Good times! I won’t spoil the answer for the others!

  3. Bumpster Says:

    Sounds like the horn on one of those electric shopping scooter carts.

  4. Amy Says:

    It sounds like the alarm my aunt used to stick under her patio door because they were too cheap to have a real burglar alarm. It never alerted any burglars but we always forgot it was there and set it off when we opened the door ourselves!

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