The Elephant in My Blog

Let’s not talk about how I haven’t blogged the last few days, OK? I mean in the “every day” sense, I haven’t been the best NaBloPoMoer, but going from blogging once a week at most to 16 posts in 23 days ain’t bad. So let’s focus on the spirit of NaBloPoMo as opposed to the letter of it, umkay?

The last 24 hours perfectly exemplify the unbound insanity that is Indiana weather. Yesterday the temperature rose into the balmy 60s. The minute I got home from work, I flung open a window to infuse my apartment with the lazy, auburn warmth of late fall. Sadly, I awoke at 4 a.m. freezing my arse off. The temperature had dropped more than 30 degrees and in the dim haze of approaching dawn, I’m pretty sure I saw the sheen of frost on my comforter. I was forced to turn on the heat to thaw out my bed linens as I grumbled myself back to sleep. Really, Indiana? REALLY? Poo on your head!

You’ll be relieved to know that my gym replaced the curtains in the locker room showers. Aside from the suspicious brown splatters, none were wide enough so each shower meant another opportunity to decide which half of your body you were willing to expose. I’ve already shared how even a regular day in the locker room leaves me hovering on the brink of a panic attack so enjoying the freedom of a private shower is truly a welcome event.


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