What the Web Is All About

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about the crazy searches that’ve led innocent seekers to my blog but today’s query? Well, it takes the cake:

does cabbage patch kids have a dick and balls

My Mom made me Cabbage Patch-esque dolls when I was little since we couldn’t afford the spency real deal, but I loved them all the same, especially Buffy, who was my favorite. I still have her and her sweet little face is still smudged from years of pretendsies feeding. Thanks pervy searcher, for leading me down memory lane!


One Response to “What the Web Is All About”

  1. Pickles & Dimes Says:

    HAHHAHAHAHA. Wow. Scary to think about why they needed to know that.

    My mom made my Cabbage Patch doll, too. She made me feel better about it by reminding me I could name my own doll rather than getting saddled with whatever nutbag name Xavier Roberts & Co. dreamt up. I named mine Samantha Josephine (Sammy Jo for short).

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