My Golden Girl

When I got home from the pool last night, Abby was resting in her usual spot on the tile by the door. These days she takes a bit longer to get up but once she makes it, moves around just fine. Last night though, she seemed exhausted by the prospect so I ended up having to help her, which broke my heart into a million pieces. She’s 13 so I’m lucky to have had so many wonderful years with her but I honestly don’t think she was in pain as much as she was just plain ol’ tired. Also the weather was rainy, which I think she felt in her old bones. Like many shepherds, her hips are a problem area now that she’s in her twilight years so at her vet’s suggestion, I started her on Glucosamine Chondroitin. I bought a small bottle on Amazon to see how she tolerated it and she did just fine so I got a big bottle of the exact same kind. Naturally she started completely refusing the pill even when I divided it into 16ths in her kibble. The vet said GlucChon is the best thing for her though so I’m now forced to disguise a meat-flavored pill in a delectable pill pocket, marketed specifically toward pushover pet-owners like me. (Sometimes if I’m lucky, Abby will begrudgingly accept her pill on goat cheese & pesto pizza. ;)) Of course I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One interesting side note is that Abby seems to have figured out if she lays with her front end on the tile and her back end on the carpet, she can use the carpet as traction to get up more easily. I’ve thought about putting something on the tile to help her get her footing but the reason she likes laying there is because it’s cool and she has a warm, wooly coat, even during the summer. I was thinking of trying that stuff you put under rugs to keep them from sliding around, since it has holes and would still allow her to stay cool. Any ideas?


4 Responses to “My Golden Girl”

  1. Nathalie Says:

    I have no ideas, as I’ve never had a dog, but your story rings sad and sweet. I recently watched Marley and Me, which your post reminds me of.

  2. Margie K Says:

    I give my old Laborador — who has itchy “hot spots” — a “treat” morning and night. It’s a strip of bread (about 1/3 slice), lightly spread with peanut butter and a little coconut oil, rolled up with benedryl, Oil of Oregano, and a fish oil capsule. He can take the fish oil without any problem (dogs like the smell/taste of fish), but this is an easy way to make sure he gets the benedryl and OoO.

    It’s a good way to use the heels and old, slightly dried out slices we would end up throwing out anyway. đŸ™‚

  3. DSF Says:

    Sorry to hear about Abby’s hips. I had a border collie with class IV hip dysplasia. Zubrin, an NSAID, did wonders for her QOL. If Abby has good kidney and liver function, it is something to consider.

  4. Kris Says:

    How’s Abby doing with the glucosamine? I’ve had two dogs do really, really well on it.

    I have to wrap Lulu’s antibiotic in a piece of turkey. Not the cheap Budig stuff, either. Oh, no. My miserable old bag of bones must receive her pill in a slice of off the bone turkey from the deli counter. The things we do for love, eh?!?

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