Hot Shop

I’ve got three half-finished posts from the last week lingering in draft status. It hasn’t helped matters that after days of sputtering, my home Internet connection conked out and won’t be fixed until Wednesday. (The only earlier appointment was for today between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., which is so beyond ludicrous, I refused it.) Please bear with me as I try to get it in gear this week.

It was so hot in Target last night that I’m convinced Gatorade was paying the heating bill just to drum up business from parched customers drained of electrolytes. By the time I got to the produce section, in my fevered state, I seriously considered hopping into one of the displays so I’d get sprayed down alongside the lettuces. Still I couldn’t put off grocery shopping anymore as my fridge and cupboards were completely bare. The situation was so desperate that earlier in the week, I had only stale pierogies to eat, ones which had been in my freezer for a frighteningly indeterminate amount of time, resulting in a most unpleasant and rather chewy dinner.

Now that NaBloPoMo is over, I kind of miss it. For 19 shining days in November, I managed to cull my mind’s meanderings into something of a narrative. And those of you who posted every single day, even on Thanksgiving when there wasn’t much to say other than “Oof, I’m full?” I’m in awe of your determination.

We got a decent smattering of snow over the weekend, which drifted overnight and made a hellacious mess of every parking lot in my area code. If you hear a scream followed by a loud thud, it’s probably me falling on my ass. I’ll be mortified so please look away and go about your business (but it wouldn’t hurt to comment on my new hair cut, 4″ lopped off and bangs!)

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