Red Ticket!!!

I went to my work holiday party a few weeks ago. Every year they throw a big bash complete with a yummy meal, drinks, and prizes. I’ve never worked anywhere that offered anything close, so I really appreciate it. That said, the celebration was piqued by the loopy behavior of  a colorful Santa and a woman who over-imbibed. That’s so clichéd I didn’t think it possible but trust me when I say that had there been a lampshade nearby, either would’ve happily donned it.

Santa was kind enough to announce prize winners, except I suspect he too was drunk or had recently undergone dental surgery because you could barely understand a word he said. His ill-fitting beard, which looked more like a re-purposed toupee, only served to muffle his already incoherent mumblings.

When we arrived at the party, everyone got half of a red ticket with a number on it. The other half of the ticket with the same number on it went into a drawing. Before announcing the numbers he drew, Santa cheerfully specified “red ticket” even though all the tickets were red, but he was so difficult to understand, it sounded more like “ray tick-ayyyyy!” Once the drunk lady caught on, she stood up and started shouting “RAY TICK-AYYY” over and over. Funnily enough, she won several gift cards. A good time was had by all but only some of us left with our dignity in tact. Fortunately I had so little dignity to begin with, I wasn’t much affected. 😉


One Response to “Red Ticket!!!”

  1. Kris Says:

    The beard/toupee mental image gives me fits of the giggles. Who doesn’t love a drunk Santa with his merry little schnockered elves???

    Did you win anything?

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