Happy New Year!

You know those bloggers who care for 2 beautiful kids, decorate their walls in lovely photos, exercise regularly, and still find time to churn out interesting blog posts every day? HOW DO THEY DO IT? It seems like it’s always feast or famine around here. My crushing perfectionism doesn’t help but I’ve made progress in not letting it hinder me. Still I struggle a lot with comparing myself to others. It’s a sickness really and sometimes I let it consume me. I have to be hyper-vigilant about reminding myself that my journey is just that – my own and the rate at which I’m progressing and reaching my goals may not be the same as others. (Moose’s recent post along these same lines made my heart smile.)

And speaking of baked goods, it’s been really difficult to avoid sugar this holiday season but I made it with a bit of white knuckling. The final challenge was at work last week when someone made a HUGE spread for a birthday party. There was a multi-layer chocolate cake rotten with delicious-looking icing and a huge blackberry cobbler. I had to refuse the sweets several times while being shot looks implying the terrorists are winning when I don’t eat cake. I ended up nibbling on crackers and jealously wondering how some people can breezily enjoy sugar in moderation.

Boy, this post is sounding sort of bitter and I didn’t mean for it to. It’s a new year after all and I have high hopes. Also I’ve been crafting up a storm lately, which I’m thoroughly enjoying. (You can see the fruits of my labor here.)

Felt wreath Shark Week Bag
Zipper Pouch Cooking with ♥ Mustaches

More goodies to come, including a new masthead and the 2010 MymBOs! (Take a peek at last year’s for a recap.)


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Marta Says:

    Those bloggers with the kids and the perfectly decorated houses and the exercise? I would hate them except they are not real!

  2. Amanda Says:

    LOL. Yeah, there is a girl from my graduating class who has 4yr.old twin boys, a nice house, a job (part or full???), and finds time to do so much, then post it on fb, pinterest, Twitter, etc. Geesh! I can barely manage to properly dress myself some mornings.

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