This Could Get Hairy

This morning right before I got to work, I found my first gray hair. I’d noticed something glistening eerily in my otherwise brunette mane a few days ago but chose to ignore the truth. That was until today when after close inspection I found a coarse, gray strand right below my temple. I summarily yanked it out and inspected it carefully, half expecting it to justify its existence, promising me an air of wisdom and distinction. But instead I was faced with the cold simplicity of time’s silent march toward the end.

Now who’s up for a game of Kerplunk?!

Actually the gray hair didn’t bother me all that much and judging by the response I got on Facebook, I’m apparently lucky I haven’t found one sooner. I have started getting these weird eyebrow hairs that are gray at the root and brown at the tip. (Overshare?)

Now I wonder if many grays are soon to follow the first. If so, I would probably want to color my hair and I’ve always avoided that because the maintenance seems expensive and irritating. Still it would give me an opportunity to experiment with different colors, like Joan Holloway red.

This issue of course makes me ponder how unfair it is that women with gray hair are often looked upon as old, while graying men are generally considered sophisticated and sexy. Moxy’s boyf is a young 31 and yet already sports a salt-and-pepper coiffure, which I think suits him well. My brother was bald by his mid-twenties and now keeps his noggin shaved. I like that look but am not a fan of those creepy hairless cats, which I suppose means I have my own double standards.

P.S. Speaking of my brother, he lives in Atlanta and at the gym today, worked out right beside Lisa Wu, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star. If you’re not watching that show, say because you’re above hedonism and pop culture or translating Sartre’s L’existentialisme est un humanisme from its original French, please have a change of heart and tune in immediately because everybody needs to hear Nene say “That’s some bullshit” at least once in their lives.


4 Responses to “This Could Get Hairy”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Several points:

    • The real tragedy will be when you find a gray hair. . .in the, um, nether regions. Truly depressing.
    • Moxy’s bf would look 10 years younger if he used some semi permanent color in his mane. I suggest Natural Instincts 20 Hazelnut – Medium Brown. I don’t think there’s a 31-year-old man out there who wants to look distinguished. We still want to look hot at that age. We only settle for “distinguished” when nothing else is left.
    • Joan Holloway Red. No.
    • You talked to your brother?

  2. moxy Says:

    Ha. The thought of him using a semi-permanent color is hilarious. He’s definitely not a “oooh, better cover my grey!” kind of person. To me, it’s sexy that he just owns it and doesn’t pretendsies.

    I’ve tried a copper/dark reddish semi-permanent in the salon a few times. It’s very fun, but yeah, it gets pricey.

  3. lean Says:

    D! You goober. Didn’t we have a talk about practicing tolerance with other people’s aesthetic choices- even if it’s not like our own? Remember, lots of guys look dashing with some Salt n’ Pepa- and speaking as a chic, it’s hot! HELLO Richard Gere!

    Also, didn’t you tell me to stop coloring my hair because I would get brain cancer?

  4. Matthew Says:

    L! Once again, confusion over a statement. It’s not MY intolerance at all. Not sure where that came from. Personally I don’t care what color anyone’s hair is. It’s really not even MY opinion on the matter. It’s just (media-generated) fact. Side by side comparisons done by beauty “experts” show that the majority of people think that gray hair is aging. Since it’s a process that occurs as a result of aging there is some validity to the conclusion.

    If anything, the statements above perpetuate a double standard that women look aged with gray hair and men look distinguished, or in some way it’s not considered masculine for a man to color his hair. Where should you stop accepting what society tells you is attractive or acceptable. If YOU thought your hair looked fantastic never cut, never washed and dragging the floor, would it be a valid aesthetic if the individual thought it was attractive? You can apply this line of thought to any matter of aesthetics for a person. It has nothing to do with MY tolerance.

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