Booted Up

I was excited for today’s snowfall so I’d finally have a chance to wear my sassy new snow boots. (Update: Looks like they’re sold out. See pic here.) I got them for 40%-off because I’m a sale-stalking rock star. They’re not quite broken in yet but they’re so warm and cozy. Bring it, winter – I’m ready!

New Year’s resolutions mean it’s been busy the last few times I’ve been to the pool but last night my lap lane was like rush hour in Manhattan. At various points, I shared a lane with 2 different people, each of whom I accidentally breast-stroke kicked at least once. We were  flanked by swimming lessons and a water aerobics class, making for choppy waters and wavering lane lines, which I (mostly) successfully navigated. When I got out of the pool, I felt like I should’ve been awarded some sort of High Seas Swimming Simulation medal but was only met with chilly air and a revolting hairball in the locker room shower drain.

Last weekend in another sale-stalking frenzy, Moxy and I went to Kohl’s armed with a killer coupon. I got several frames, which I brought home and carefully Windexed. Then I cropped my precious pictures and positioned them in the frames. About that time I realized that none of the frames had a hanging mechanism or even a smidge of overlap to catch on a nail. I can’t really return them so I’m stuck trying to figure out how to hang the little buggers. I rigged a crude method involving 2 nails and a bit of string, which worked but the nails and string showed, looking rather ridiculous and outwardly mocking the validity of my college education. Any suggestions?

My feet are very ticklish so I don’t know if I could use this but for some reason, I find it mesmerizing. “It’s like a car wash for your feet!” I especially love the guy in the shower sniffing his stinky shoe. Who hasn’t been there? 😉


One Response to “Booted Up”

  1. Kris Says:

    Ack! Just the thought of bristles between my toes makes me go all squirrelly. Ugh. I hate feet.

    (But LMFAO at the guy smelling his shoe. In the shower.)

    For the frames – the big box stores sell hanging kits with a couple of those little sawtooth hangers & some itty bitty nails.

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