If I Could Turn Back Time

Remember a few weeks ago when I was excited for snow so I could wear my new boots? I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for that lunacy. Unfortunately it’s only now, 3 days into one of the worst winter storms I’ve ever endured that I’m able to see the error of my ways. We haven’t gotten that much snow but the ice? Oh dear God, the ice. Everything is covered in a sickeningly shiny sheet, so thick it doesn’t even break when I stand on it. The upshot is that my work’s been closed for 2 days and is again tomorrow but I haven’t really been able to enjoy the break because I’ve been fretting about falling, losing power (thankfully haven’t so far), and poor Abbs. She can barely stand to pee and poo outside. She already moves more slowly now that she’s 13 but today on the ice, she fell over and over again and each time my heart broke. I tried to explain to her what was going on but she clearly didn’t understand.

I haven’t had to keep her on a leash for years now. She generally stays pretty close to me wherever we go but she seems to enjoy the freedom especially during potty breaks. Because it’s so slick, I’ve had to start taking her out on leash so she can’t get too far away from me and she is NOT happy about it. She keeps lookin’ at me with these big ol’ doe eyes pleading, “Why am I hooked up to this dumb thing?” Poor pupper. On top of everything, her nails need to be trimmed. I’m hoping to take her to the vet’s tomorrow for a trim & bonus ear cleaning, which I’m sure she’ll love.

Once the sidewalks had been scraped today, I ventured out to get salt to sprinkle on the grass. It seems to be helping but it’s still all but impossible to move around. I am so grateful I have covered parking so I didn’t have to de-ice my car. I’ve also never been more grateful for all the people who scrape and plow when the weather is like this. I have a newly inflamed loathing for winter. Spring can’t come soon enough! Thankfully I was also able to hit the pool tonight and swim laps, followed by a fun dinner with the gang. I’m hoping to do some sewing tomorrow and even though we’re well into 2011, I still need to finish up my 2010 MymBOs post. More soon!

One Response to “If I Could Turn Back Time”

  1. sofi Says:

    Ughh, bummer! I hate snow, no matter how chic of winter attire I have! Good luck!

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