It’s Been Tweetethed

Did you know that if you follow Yoko Ono on Twitter, she’ll send you a direct message of thanks, invoking world peace and glitter-winged butterflies? After I saw Nowhere Boy, I was briefly obsessed with learning more about John Lennon and read a bit about her too, wherein I decided that while we have similar views, I don’t get her hippy-dippy allure.

…And thus endeth today’s snap judgement of a 70s pop-culture icon!

And speaking of tweeting, I’ve been doing it more lately. I joined Twitter in 2008 and lost interest quickly but several things have caused a change of heart. One is that we’re gearing up for a social media blitz at my job, so I’ve been compelled by my paychecks to pay closer attention. The other big catalyst was that more people are using Twitter now, particularly musicians. I love to stalk them and soak up their wisdom in 140-character increments. It’s a whole new way to sate my inner music fiend. You’re welcome to follow my drivel but shouldn’t expect anything wise or noteworthy. This week’s most profound digital utterance was “Sometimes when you assume, you make an ass of your butt.” 😉

This weekend, B and I are headed to Chicago to see Scala & Kolacny Brothers. He suggested we also go to a museum or something and I nominated IKEA because I figured the definition of “or something” was relatively loose. Plus it’s hard to turn down an opportunity to behold the ingenuity of the Swedes and string together random consonants with the chance that they’ll sound like the name of a bookshelf.


2 Responses to “It’s Been Tweetethed”

  1. Joel Bass Says:

    Hey, Buzzpal, I just saw S & Kolacny brothers last night in Denver! Very cool! I personally think they could try paring their sound down to just chorus & pianos for more of the songs (like the beginning of “Creep”) but all in all, had a great time. Hope they’re enjoying their trip across our weird country. 🙂

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