Eye One

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Guess what? I won something! And not just any something but fabric! Frankly I never win anything so I rarely sign up for giveaways, but the Waverly fabric was too yummy to ignore so I left a comment saying I’d use it for kitchen curtains if I were a lucky winner. Later that week, I dug through my stash of fabric (which B beheld on Saturday and insinuated is excessive) and found some candidates for kitchen curtains, not thinking twice about the contest. But last week I found out I needn’t dip into my surpluses and the best part is the Waverly prints totally match my cookware. Yay for free things and matchy-matching!

I heard the 2011 Lollapalooza line-up today and briefly considered getting tickets. It sounds like it’s going to be incredible but I quickly remembered I’m old and curmudgeonly and probably wouldn’t enjoy the 3-day summer romp as much as I once did. The thought of trapsing around in the heat, fighting hipsters for a spot close to the stage, and standing in line for ludicrously-priced water makes me want to find out if I’m elligible for AARP yet. Instead I’ll listen to all the bands from the air conditioned confines of my home and think fondly on the times of yore.

I get alerts from LivingSocial.com about Groupon-like deals in Indy and occasionally see great discounts on massages. The thing is, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy myself. I once had a massage at the French Lick Resort Spa when I was writing a story about them for a travel journalism class but I was too busy asking questions and making mental notes to really savor the experience. I get my hair cut at an Aveda salon that offers a free mini-massage with every hair cut but I always decline, feeling too embarrassed to partake. The thing is, Moxy gets massages and always talks about how wonderful they are so I know I’m missing out. I guess it’s the whole naked-save-a-flimsy-sheet thing that’s held me back but it’s not like anyone tries to inspect your bits so I think it’s time to build a bridge. Any ideas for overcoming my lily-liveredness that don’t involve tequila shots or sedatives?


4 Responses to “Eye One”

  1. tmc Says:

    Congratulations on your win!

  2. Pickles & Dimes Says:

    Pretty fabric! I love the bright colors.

    RE: massages. They never even see your bits, and they’re very strategic with the sheet tucking to make sure they never see your bits. 🙂

  3. Kris Says:

    Congratulations on the fabric! I covet the floral piece on the left.

    Also? Welcome to the elderly. Sewing kitchen curtains AND skipping Lollapalooza? You’re one of us now. Embrace the old age, my friend. It really ain’t so tragic.

    The last massage I had was on my honeymoon, some 7, er 8, wait NINE years ago. IMHO, massages are not meant for people with body insecurities. I know, I know, they’re not even paying attention, blah blah blah. But still. They’re used to seeing tight, toned bodies & mine is neither tight nor toned. More like jiggly & junky. =)

    Could you take a fellow chunky chick with you?

    French Lick Resort sounds like something you’d find on a porn set. Bomp chicka pow pow, chicka pow pow pow.

  4. Amy Says:

    I’ve gotten a couple Living Social massages in Indy this summer. The last time I had one was college… I was a little worried too but kept saying I was going to do it and the price tempted me finally.

    I did the Balancing Bodyworks one in Carmel and one in combo w/chiropractic exam (not adjustment) in Beech Grove. I’d be happy to ‘rate’ these experiences with you and give details if that would make you more comfortable about what to expect! Catch me on Google chat or give me a call.

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