Movin’ Along

I can’t believe it’s almost July! Summers always seem to fly by but June has been especially busy with the MOM (Month of Movement) challenge. We’re talking about making it a SOM: Summer of Movement and keeping up the momentum through July and August. It’s a bit daunting but the rewards are so worth it! Even though it can be difficult to fit in a work out every day, I feel great physically and mentally and have a new awareness of my body and how I spend my time. Each day we log our activity in a Facebook group. I love sharing my experiences and reading about everyone’s ups and downs. There have been several times when I’ve felt lazy but the thought of the group has encouraged me to push onward. Some of us are exercising every day and others have different schedules, depending on whatever commitment they want to make. You’re welcome to join us any time; we’d love to have you! Drop me an e-mail and I’ll add you to our group. mymsie [at] gmail [dot] com

Edited to add my MOM entry for today:

  • Day of the month: 21st
  • Laps I swam: 50
  • Seconds I flashed my boob to 2 lifeguards before realizing what was happening: 5
  • Knowledge that my suit top no longer provides proper support: PRICELESS

Several of you asked about Abby so I thought I’d give you an update. After The Great Urine Collecting Incident of 2011, the vet said all the tests came back negative. I’d kept her urine in the fridge for a day (at the vet’s suggestion) before I could bring it in and was afraid that tainted the results. I collected another sample and took it to the vet immediately. The test showed she did have an infection, poor bippy, so I got meds for her. She’s doing better now. The arthritis has definitely slowed her down but she still seems happy. We go for regular walks and she usually gets frisky and runs a little each time. We’re still locked in a tense battle over the bathroom floor. Because it’s cool, Abby sleeps in there during the day but the slippery tile makes it difficult for her to get up. I’ve put down mats and rugs to give her traction but she continues to snarf them out of the way, preferring to sleep on just the tile. My stubborn girl!

Over the weekend, Moxy and I had a lovely date with B. A client gave him a gift card to beef mecca, Ruth’s Chris Steak House. He also scored tickets to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 9th, so we all got dolled up and made a night of it. None of us are big red meat eaters but the restaurant had plenty of other options. I had the sea bass, which was very yummy, with its lucious buttery, garlic-y Panko-topping. The service bordered on obsequious but we all understood that some people might complain if there wasn’t enough fawning.

After dinner, we walked to the nearby symphony. It was raining and Moxy and I were wearing dress shoes, so we couldn’t walk very quickly. B was cruising along in front of us and at one point looked back and said “This way bitches!” We often speak to one another in ridiculous superlatives so Moxy and I didn’t bat an eyelash but a guy walking past heard B and looked at him like he was the king of Indianapolis. Hee! 🙂

The symphony was wonderful and lovely, especially when the chorus joined for the Ode to Joy. Moxy and I also had a ball people watching the whole night. At dinner, we were seated beside an older gentleman with an attractive, MUCH-younger woman, who we ultimately decided was an escort. We were close enough to them to eavesdrop and carefully observe their body language. (Stalker alert!) Then we got into a debate about the industry of paid companionship. B was more sympathetic than Moxy and I, giving his standard “Look at the origin of the behavior” speech. What do you think?

Maybe if I blogged more often, my posts wouldn’t be so long, huh? More soon!


One Response to “Movin’ Along”

  1. Renee Says:

    This is so not a summer of movement for me. I’m due in 6 weeks and I live in Atlanta. Some days I move a lot and make it to the gym or pool… other days I make it to the couch and the fridge.

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