Protective Pup

Abby has always performed these instinctual, protective rituals at night. Once everyone is settled into their sleeping quarters, she hovers until she feels her “flock” is safe and calm. Only then will she go to sleep. For most of her life, as soon as I got into bed, she would get her bone, hop up on the bed, and chew it until I fell asleep, after which she’d sleep too. When others would spend the night, they’d comment on her loud chomping noises but it was part of our routine so I never noticed. (B would always complain about the loud jingling of “her necklace” – hee!) These days, my bed is too high for Abby’s old bones so she just hangs out near the bed until she’s satisfied I’m down for the night.

When I first got Abby, I was still a youngin living with my Mom so we were both formative parts of her puppyhood. Even though it was only a few months before I moved out, my Mom had a special relationship with Abby. To this day whenever she’s around, Abby defers to her as the ultimate alpha.  My Mom recently came for a visit and while she was here, I slept on the couch so she could enjoy my comfy bed. This meant Abby’s nightly patrol was doubled. She went back and forth between the bedroom and living room, checking and fretting before she would rest. While I was sleeping on the couch closer to her level, I discovered she would only stop checking on me once my eyes were closed. There were a few nights when I couldn’t sleep so I just pretended so she wouldn’t feel like she had to keep checking on me. Feigning sleep with a grin on my face in the dark night reminded me how lucky I am to have shared a life with such a wonderful, loving creature.

While my Mom was here, she was kind enough to sort through my mountain of gallbladder surgery bills. I was so overwhelmed with the paperwork and amount I owed, I just started making payments, followed by rocking in the fetal position and quietly whimpering. I should note that because I had to have emergency surgery, it was much more expensive than it would’ve been otherwise. That combined with my multiple visits to the ER totaled over $30,000! I’m lucky enough to have insurance but my portion of that was over $5000, or at least I thought it was. My Mom found a TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR error in my favor! I called my insurance and the lady I spoke with was like, “Yeah, this was processed by a computer and it makes mistakes. You have to call.” Can you believe that?? Again, I’m grateful to have insurance but that is infuriating.

My birthday is this weekend, so I’ve got plans to relax and have fun with the gang. And before I go, here are 7 things I’m loving this Thursday:

This cute way to dress up an open cabinet:
Cabinet Skirt

Chic Ginnifer Goodwin:
Ginnifer Goodwin

This creative wrapping:
Creative Wrapping

These awesome retro skates:

This easy, yum party food idea – chocolate chips in raspberries:
Chocolate Chips in Raspberries

Annabelle’s adorable lamb:

Dreamy Bora Bora:
Bora Bora


2 Responses to “Protective Pup”

  1. Chestnut Mocha Says:

    oh wow! skates and raspberries are just awesome!

  2. Julie Says:

    Ahhh! That sweet little sheep face slaaaays me!

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