As If!

Tonight when I was taking Abby out, it occurred to me that my neighbors only ever see me lookin’ like a bit of a slob. That’s because as Cher wisely noted in Clueless, “My party clothes are so binding.” Growing up in my family, when we got home from our respective daily activities – work, school, etc – we would all immediately change into comfy, casual clothes. I do that to this day, usually throwing on a t-shirt and shorts. This is what I almost always sleep in, even in the winter. I think that comes from growing up in the south where it’s never very cold. If someone’s coming over, I keep my party clothes on but the minute they’re gone, change into comfy duds. If close friends or family come over, I might let them behold the glory of my house gear. But even if I wear jeans and a sweater to a party, I change when I get home. Maybe this means I’m picking ridiculously uncomfortable clothes but I suspect it’s just a habit. Since I’m such a klutz, at the very least it lowers the chance I’ll stain my nice clothes. Unfortunately I most often see my neighbors in the evenings when I’ve already changed. They probably think I’m a major slacker but let’s face it – they might not be all that impressed with what I wear out either. Do you change clothes when you get home or keep your party clothes on?

Here are the things I’m loving this Thursday:

This freebie printable that is definitely going in my craft room:
Hello Lover

This precious DIY puppet theatre for the littles:
Puppet Theatre

This colorful & yum-looking b-day treat (I made these red velvet whoopie pies for my birthday & they were a hit!):
Rainbow Cake

The 25th anniversary of this phenomenal movie (Check out NPR’s recent interview with Wil Wheaton – very moving!):
Stand by Me

This pretty hair-do:
Summertime Twist

This lovely journaling:
Art Journal

This UH-MAY-ZING satchel that I’ve been stalking for months:
Leather Satchel
(I love the yellow one too!)

This sweetie little kitty:

What are you loving?


2 Responses to “As If!”

  1. Kris Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’m sorry the sentiment is so late, but I wish you nothing but good things for the coming year!

    How can “Stand By Me” possibly be 25 years old????? It’s a little silly, but I sometimes wonder what kind of person River Phoenix would have been, had he been able to silence his addiction demons. Did you ever see “The Thing Called Love” with him, Dermot Mulroney, Sandra Bullock, & Samantha Mathis? It’s a bad movie; but I can still remember watching it & thinking how obvious it was that River was in trouble. He had the potential for greatness, like our generation’s Robert Redford or something.

    And oh, sweet Jeebus, those red velvet whoopie pies look divine! How have you been doing with your no sugary processed foods? Have your cravings stayed away?

    (((((birthday hugs)))))

    • mymsie Says:

      ZOMG the whoopies? They were DIVINE! For my birthday, I splurged and had them but I’m back off sugar again and probably won’t have any until Christmas. That’s what I did last year. I wish I could eat it normally but I just can’t and I feel so much better when I don’t.

      I agree so much about River. SO sad. And Wil Wheaton said as much during his interview with NPR. I got a little teary, it was so moving.

      Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes! šŸ™‚

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