Or Is It Cheese & Macaroni?

Tonight for dinner, I made the healthy choice to have Kraft Macaroni & Cheese made with 50% whole grain. I know it’s ridiculous to be persnickety about the grain in your pasta whilst finding no problem coating it in a cheese-like goo made from orange powder and yet I felt pleased with the compromise.

The kids summer camps at my gym have all finished so my swimming environment is once again quiet and peaceful. I was not afforded that tranquility the other night when a woman sat near the treadmill I was walking on and ate Taco Bell and slurped Dr. Pepper. Now I’m not a gym etiquette Nazi or anything, although I do think it’s common courtesy to quickly wipe down a machine when you’re finished using it and please try not to pee in the shower. But this? Consuming fast food mere paces from someone who’s miraculously overcome her natural instinct to nap and is trying desperately to burn some calories? COME ON.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

This amazing design a blogger painted on her floor:
Painted Floor

The idea of living in one of these houseboats:
Lake Union, Seattle Washington Houseboats

This awesome Sears shoe ad from the 60s:
Vintage Sears Shoe Ad

This tute for block printing on fabric – so pretty!
Block Printing on Fabric

This half-moon mani I’m dying to try:
Half-Moon Mani

These sweet vintage barrettes:
Vintage Barrettes

Beautiful Adele:


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