When You Care Enough To Send the Very Worst

The week before last turned out to be a real stinker for me. A number of stressful events converged into a black hole of suck that had me desperate for some downtime by the weekend. B knew I’d had a bad week so on Sunday he left a care package outside my door. He was worried I might be in the kitchen and see him through the window & he wanted it to be a surprise so he Army-style belly crawled to my door to drop off the gift. That mental image alone is enough to get me through many bad times but the contents of the care package made my millennium. Behold:

The Care Package

This delightful mélange is brought to you by the twisted mind of B. If these items don’t make you feel better, UR DOIN IT RONG! Needless to say, my mood was immediately elevated and once again, all was right with the world.

Here’s what else I’m loving this Thursday:

These cutie peeptoe Swedish Hasbeens :
Swedish Hasbeens

Sweet Ryan Gosling carrying his pup up the escalator so he won’t hurt his paw-paws:
Ryan Gosling & Pup

This pretty patchwork sewing machine cover:
Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover

Lovely Emma Stone & her side-swept bangs (Go see The Help immediately! I’m reading the book now.):
Emma Stone

This amazing mid-century modern house:
Mid-Century Modern House

This rustic, delicious-looking blood orange & clementine galette:

This idea for welcoming home a loved one (click thru for details):
Welcome Home


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