Nappy Time

I didn’t TILT last week because I was exhausted from not sleeping well lately. So exhausted that the next day, I fell asleep in my car in the gym parking lot. I had planned to just take a 10-minute cat nap and then swim but ended up sawing logs for an hour and being awoken by a concerned women banging on my window. It was a really great moment for my self-esteem and awesome publicity for the gym.

Tonight I finally got around to giving myself a 30s half-moon manicure:

Half-Moon Mani

I like the results but it took a long time, so I don’t plan on doing it often. Also, I think my moons are a little too big. I want to try this mani next.

Here’s what I’m loving this week:

This pretty, simple tote tutorial:
Minimalist Tote Tutorial

These vintage potholders:
Vintage Potholders

These beautiful succulents. I just got a new bunch and half of ’em are dead already. 😦 I have terrible luck with them but they’re my faves.

This amazing couch:

This precious pup peekin’ out:

This vintage camper painted with a sweet scallop design:

This chevron crocheted blanket, which is an ode to the Missoni for Target line that caused such a frenzy & blew up the Target Web site earlier this week. I tried to get the purse I wanted in stores and online but they were sold out.
Chevron Blanket

2 Responses to “Nappy Time”

  1. Raymonthedog Says:

    “I think my moons are a little too big.”

    OK, that’s dirty! Log it!

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