Felt rosette fall wreath
Felt rosette fall wreath I made, inspired by this

I took Abbs for a walk tonight and couldn’t get over how verdant the grass is. Our summer was so dry but it’s been raining constantly for weeks now. It’s nice to see a little green, even though it’s time for the leaves to turn. Another sign of fall is crazy bees. I battled 2 nutters today who did not understand that no means no. They’re like date rape bees! If I’m making sharp noises and waving my arms around, that doesn’t mean fly closer and invade my personal space. Nasty bees! I know they make honey & flowers pretty but they could do with a little sensitivity training from Mother Nature’s HR department.

A few weekends ago, B and I went to the symphony. B works with them so we got the perk of sitting in an area called The Terrace, which is an exclusive space right beside and above the orchestra. Killer seats, is what I’m saying:

View from The Terrace

I was fascinated with the up-close-and-personal view of all the instruments & players and thoughtfully studied each one. When I got to the French horns, I happened to catch one of the musicians emptying his spit valve…on the floor. This at once mesmerized and disgusted me and I was unable to focus on anything else for the remainder of the performance. I know some of what’s in there is condensation but there’s definitely some spit too. Can’t they at least use a cup? Or maybe a small hand towel on their lap? Something, anything other than casually dumping your DNA on the floor, which must be like some kind of CSI slip ‘n’ slide. I mentioned my concerns to B but he wasn’t compelled. Of course I am so, so grateful that I got to go and the performance was incredible but I can’t deny that I was preoccupied by the spit dumping spectacle. Should we form a task force to address the issue? It’s not just the French horns you know.

With that, it’s time for what I’m loving this Thursday. Have a good weekend and for God’s sake, carry a handkerchief! 😉

Delicious, talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was stellar in 50/50. (Listen to an interview with him & Will Reiser, who wrote 50/50, on a recent ep of Fresh Air.)

These festive papier-mâché jack o’lanterns:
Papier-Mâché Jack O'lanterns

This adorably curious chimp:

This pretty, romantic fishtail braid:
Fishtail Braid

This 70s-inspired necklace Bleubird Vintage designed for ModCloth:
Bleubird Vintage for ModCloth Necklace

This clever chalkboard talk bubble DIY:
Chalkboard Talk Bubble DIY

And finally, this UH-MAY-ZING vintage Singer sewing table:
Vintage Singer Sewing Table


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