Just What I Needed

I did something really dumb last night and am just sick about it. I was refilling my Spray ‘n Wash spray bottle from a refill bottle I bought at the grocery store. I was helping the earth by choosing less packaging! Shouldn’t that count for something? But I was doing it on top of my open laptop, which granted, was really dumb. So some glugged over and got onto my trackpad and those little left-click and right-click buttons, which I never use. I wiped up the mess as quickly as I could but now my computer won’t turn on or do anything. I cannot afford a new freaking laptop right now as I’m inundated with surgery & ER bills and my couch is on its last leg. WHINE. I’m hoping after a period of rest, it will work again. Otherwise I’m going to have to bug my poor friend George, who I often harass when I’m having computer problems.

Last week Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl so the city was abuzz with excitement. Downtown was completely transformed, including building a theme park called the NFL Experience. I never made it down there to check things out because I’m an old curmudgeon who doesn’t like crowds. I did, however, spend the week completely freaking out about all the celebrity sightings. Just knowing that Ryan Gosling went to a Subway near me nearly sent me over the edge! Since then I’ve been wondering 1) how much the Subway employees freaked out and 2) what he ordered. A salad or a full-on sub? I’m guessing he’s a Buffalo chicken kind of guy. Or maybe meatball marinara?

Hey Girl Indy


One Response to “Just What I Needed”

  1. littlelo22 Says:

    Aww, I hope your laptop recovers soon. I know what it’s like to have one break and not be able to afford to get it fixed.

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